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Q.01 What businesses or vertical markets is this product specifically meant for?
A.01 ManageMore is one of the most versatile business productivity tools on the market today.  We have designed this product to address over a hundred different business models including retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, and service oriented businesses.  For a more detailed list, click here.
It would take more than a dozen shareware products or a handful of off-the-shelf business productivity tools, in order to get the same amount of capabilities in a single product.


Q.02 What is included with the Simple Start Edition offer?
A.02 With the Simple Start Edition, you will receive:
  • Electronically downloadable Single-User Software License
  • 30 Days Limited Telephone Support
  • 30 Days Trouble Ticket Reporting

Please refer to our software license agreement for other terms and conditions that may apply.

Q.03 How does ManageMore address my business needs if my business were to expand?  How scalable is it?
A.03 Although the Simple Start Edition is a single-user license, Intellisoft offers a variety of other software editions that you can easily upgrade to without having to migrate any data whatsoever.  Intellisoft offers other software editions that will let you quickly expand up to a 100-user network license and offer many other advanced automation capabilities for growing enterprises.  Please contact our sales department for more detail on our other software edition solutions.
Q.04 How quickly can I start using the Simple Start Edition after making the online purchase?
A.04 Immediately after making your payment,  you will be given instructions for downloading and activating your ManageMore software license.   There is no wait and no hassle.
Q.05 What are the fees for software updates and support after the initial purchase period?
A.05 Intellisoft employs an optional subscription plan that covers both software updates and technical assistance.  Currently, an early annual Simple Start Edition Subscription plan is $249 after your initial support period expires. Support services are based on trouble ticket resolution only.
Q.06 Can I get a refund if ManageMore does not satisfy my software needs?
A.06 Yes... Unconditionally. We stand strongly behind our 90 day money back policy... No questions asked.   If ManageMore is not for you... we understand.  Not every business operates in a similar manner to others in the same industry. So don't worry... you'll get no harassing calls from us. 

Q.07 I use another accounting program for my financials. Can ManageMore interface?
A.07 ManageMore can currently interface its financial data to QuickBooks® and Simply Accounting™ General Ledger.  ManageMore also provides a simple file export of all journal entries for any given period, that can be read by any accounting package that has ASCII file import capabilities.  Please keep in mind that ManageMore financials already provide the same functionality found in most accounting programs and that the need for a separate financial system is redundant.
Q.08 Can Intellisoft convert my existing database from another software product?
A.08 Yes.   There are three options available.

1. For Quickbooks users, a built-in database conversion tool will make the entire process effortless.
2.  ManageMore includes a set of import tools which  will allow you to bring in customer records, prospect records, vendor records, inventory records, and invoice records directly from other accounting systems that can export their database in ASCII format.
3. In some cases, you may need a more custom database conversion.   Intellisoft offers data conversion services from nearly every commercial business software in existence as well as lesser known custom-written applications.  Please contact our sales department for further information on this type of service.


Q.09 How long has Intellisoft been in business?
A.09  Intellisoft has been providing business software solutions since 1994.
Q.10 How many companies have purchased Intellisoft products?
A.10 Intellisoft has sold or rented over 10,000 software applications since its inception.
Q.11 What are the hardware and software requirements for this product?
A.11 Please visit our requirements web page.
Q.12 Is this distressed merchandise or some Beta Version? What's the catch?
A.12 Absolutely not.  In fact, the ManageMore Business Software solution is a very mature product with millions of dollars invested in its development over the last  several years alone.  Intellisoft has a very strong customer base in over sixteen countries worldwide and our products have received numerous awards and accolades over the years.

We are simply offering a fantastic product at an unbelievable price to promote the recognition of the ManageMore Business Software to up and coming small businesses. 


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