ManageMore Download Troubleshooting Guide

If you have been directed to this page, then you are probably having a difficult time retrieving our ManageMore product electronically.  Although Intellisoft has made every effort to ensure a smooth "Software on Demand" download experience, there is a very small possibility (less than 5% chance)  that customers will run into download problems.  In almost every case, the software download issues are not a result of problems on our end. Below, you will find the most common reasons for an unsuccessful download, with possible suggestions to correct the matter.


1. Your Browser Security Settings may be blocking the software download from taking place.

If you are experiencing an immediate block of the download before it even begins, you may have your browser security settings too high. Administrators and some advanced users can set their web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.) to prohibit downloading of EXE files.  An EXE (short for executable) file is not dangerous when you know the source it is coming from.  Unfortunately, due to the high amount of computer viruses in the wild, some users become weary of downloading any EXE file and may set their security too high (preventing legitimate downloads from occurring).   You will need to lower your security settings to allow our product to download to your local pc. Please check the documentation provided with your web browser on how to accomplish this. 

 Intellisoft has made great strides to ensure you that our products are 100% safe to download.  All of our products are digitally signed and authenticated for your protection.  For more information on this software security measure, click here.

2. Firewall Software Settings may be blocking the software download from taking place.

If you are experiencing an immediate block of the download before it even begins, you may have a firewall software running that is prohibiting any files from being downloaded.  For similar reasons as mentioned with Browser Security settings above, a firewall program may prohibit certain internet activity from occurring.   Software products  like McAfee, Norton, PC-Cillin, Zone Alarm, Sygate, etc. may be to blame here.  Consider temporarily disabling your firewall software to see if the download problem goes away.

3. Your internet connection may be to blame.

As perfect as we would like to think the internet is, there are many times where an internet connection is poor or inadequate and can cause the occasional "hiccup" during transmission.  When surfing on the web, these hiccups are usually unnoticeable and easily correctible by just pressing the "Refresh" button on your browser.  However, since the ManageMore software is a fairly large 50+ Megabyte download, there can be no communication glitches  for several minutes or longer while your computer and our download server are communicating.  As a result, the following are likely scenarios that cause problems:

A. Dial-up internet connections.  If you are using a regular telephone line to connect to the internet, you may have a difficult time getting the software download in its entirety.  Since your internet connection is quite slow (less than 56kbps), you will need an uninterrupted 2+ hour connection to download our product.  This is one reason that many users have switched to DSL, Cable Modem, and several other high-speed internet options that download files at blazing speeds (i.e. ManageMore takes only 15 minutes to download using DSL).  The only solution we can suggest for dial-up internet users is to try downloading late at night when the phone company's switches are least busy and least likely to have static inteference.  Otherwise, you may want to order a CD from our company at

B. ISP troubles.  From time to time, your internet service provider or our internet service provider may experience problems in the data lines.  We recommend you wait about 15 minutes and retry your download again.  If you are still having problems getting  the software download in its entirety, try again in 2-3 hours.  If you have access to a different computer and internet connection, try that out to see if this is the case.

C. Wireless Networks.  If you are downloading the program through a wireless network connection, we recommend you try downloading from a computer that is directly hard-wired to your internet bridged device (i.e. modem, router, switch, etc.).  Wireless connections can easily get interference from other wireless devices and can often cause incomplete downloads to occur.

4. AOL users may experience download problems due to the AOL browser interface.

As popular as America Online (AOL) is, this private network is not considered a true internet service provider by most software gurus.  AOL's built in web browser has gone through many incarnations over the years... none of which have been nearly as reliable as using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla's FireFox for surfing the web.  We have had mixed success with users successfully downloading our product through AOL's browser.  Due to this, we recommend you do the following:

A.  Connect to your AOL account as usual.
B.  Minimize your AOL program (click on Minimize button in the upper right corner of your AOL program window).
C. Launch the Microsoft Internet Explorer that comes installed on all computer systems (or install the free FireFox browser).
D. Now go to the download link that was provided to you for obtaining the ManageMore program and re-attempt the download process.

5. You may have a computer virus affecting the download process or installation of the program.

Computer viruses are often neglected as the cause of many software/hardware oddities.  Yet, the rampant spawning of these malicious applications are staggering and are often found lurking on many customer's pc's without their knowledge.  Some customers falsely think they are safe from viruses because they own some Anti-Virus application...  even though they fail to keep it up to date.

In reality, there are over 500+ new viruses created monthly, and one of the most common things that a virus does is attach itself to EXE files in order to spread itself from computer to computer.  A  computer virus attempts to intervene silently, but sometimes mistakenly causes a product to fail and/or report itself as corrupted.  Please verify that your computer is truly safe from viruses by keeping your anti-virus software up to date.  Click here for a free anti-virus check from Trend Micro.

6. You may be low on hard drive space.

This is a simple thing to overlook, but if you are running low on disk space, then your computer may abruptly stop the download process without further warning.  Make sure you have at least 200 Megabytes of usable free hard drive space.  The download file only requires around 50 Megabytes of space, but you must consider the installation taking over 100 Megabytes and leaving some space left over for the operating system.