Top 10 Reasons To Consider Us
  10. It’s easy to use.
Get up and running quickly with ManageMore™, with straightforward windows, over 100 preset business models,  and 600+ pages of comprehensive online help to guide you, if needed.  Each user can customize their “favorite” data entry windows, reports, and processes so you don’t waste any time searching for what you need.  There are even import tools for converting data from your existing applications. Existing Quickbooks™ users will love our simple one step database conversion process which guarantees 99% of your information being migrated directly to ManageMore.

9. It’s easy to customize.
Because no two businesses are exactly alike, ManageMore™ makes it easy to personalize the software to fit your needs, instead of the other way around. Hundreds of setup options can be configured so that ManageMore™ behaves the way you want to help improve productivity and increase user satisfaction.  ManageMore™ can even be setup to hide functions that are not of current interest to your business, making it easier to navigate through the parts of the program that are important to you.

8. It provides all the business functions you need and expect in one product.
Instead of investing in separate packages for accounting, inventory control, point of sale, purchasing, billing, CRM, contact management, email management, payroll, time and attendance, etc., you can have it all in one product.  Our solutions are integrated, not modular design based.    Whether your business is just a small single store or one with many branches, ManageMore™ does business your way... without cramping your style.

7. The power of the Internet is at your fingertips.
ManageMore™ securely extends the reach of your financial information and processes worldwide through the Internet. Gather customer, vendor, contact, and employee email addresses, create email lists and enewsletters, distribute electronic statements, process credit card transactions over the web, email any document or sell your products and services easily on a Web storefront.  With advanced add-ons like our ManageMore eConnect interface, you can an even have your customers access your website for a real-time interactive customer service experience.  These are just a few of the ways you can use the power of the Internet to advance your organization into an ebusiness.

6. It's extremely affordable with no sacrifice to quality.
ManageMore™ was truly designed with the SME market in mind.  Many packages that include similar capabilities as ManageMore™, claim to be affordable for small to mid-size operations, but rarely fit the bill.   Also, some competing software vendors which claim to offer similar holdings, will typically provide you with a limited number of records that can be stored, little or no technical support, poor documentation, or very expensive annual support continuation contracts.  There simply is no better value and no comparison when you stack up the ManageMore Simple Start Edition to any commercially sold off-the-shelf accounting package or other shareware business program sold on the web.  We are so confident of this, that we will give away a free license of  the ManageMore™ Simple Start Edition if you can find another product that offers more for less.

5. You won't outgrow us.
For a start-up business, choosing the right business software in the beginning is critical. With a variety of software editions to choose from, as your business grows, so can your  ManageMore license.  Don't get stuck with a dead-end program that makes promises of new features to come or runs into scalability issues as your business expands.  ManageMore delivers solutions that can take you all the way to a Fortune 1000 company... if your ambitions are that big. :)

4. It's time-tested proven technology.
With thousands of customers worldwide, and millions of transactions generated annually using ManageMore™, our product has been thoroughly tested over and over on a variety of platforms and computer systems.  With over ten years of experience in the software business, industry awards, and countless customer testimonials, we must be doing something right.

3. Our unyielding commitment to supporting YOU.
Too often, a business operates blindly with a software program that has limited or no support.  When unforeseen problems come around, your business basically comes to a stand still... costing you potentially thousands of dollars.  Intellisoft's commitment to keeping your business up and running is one of our highest priorities.  We offer various channels of support including: Telephone support; a comprehensive Online Support Center which offers live chat service and private trouble ticket resolution;  an extensive knowledgebase for you to research your own resolutions; and a 24 hour public web forum for you to discuss your issues with the ManageMore community.  We understand that time is money and your ability to operate continuously is often the most important decision factor for your business. 

2. Our unconditional money back guarantee.
Take ManageMore™ for a test drive... we don't mind.  With our special Simple Start Edition license offer, you not only get a great product with an unbeatable price point, but we will even give you a full thirty (30) days to decide if its right for you or your money back.  If  you don't think the ManageMore™ Simple Start Edition is the most powerful software of its kind, then just return it for a full refund.  No questions asked.

1. Our Mission Statement centers on your ability to succeed.

Through all of our products, services and relationships, we will create solutions that offer our customer a tremendous competitive advantage and help them meet their business goals.  Our philosophy is what drives our business... if you succeed, we succeed.  This is our most important goal.

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