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When it comes to managing the revenue and expenses of a growing enterprise, it is very common for small to midsize businesses to rely on outside accountants or accounting firms to review  the corporate books.

Unfortunately, it becomes a difficult task for an outside accounting firm to periodically visit its clients in order to perform audits and make necessary changes to the clients accounting system.  Your accountant wants a simple way of being able to review your entire financial picture and be able to make necessary journal entries, bank reconciliations, and inventory adjustments without ever having to leave their own office.

This is where ManageMore Auditor's Edition comes in... this special software license is intended for accountants that want to review and make changes to the  financials of a client  who uses one of the ManageMore software editions.   An export utility within the ManageMore Business Software creates  a special version of your company file that allows accountants/bookkeepers to analyze your financial data and make adjustments -- even as you continue working with your own copy.  Then when the accounting work is finished, you simply import the accountant's changes (from a file sent back by the Auditor's Edition)  into your working copy.  This exchange of data can be accomplished as often as you like (usually monthly) and helps the accountant  serve you more efficiently. 

The best part of the Auditor's Edition is that it is absolutely FREE.  Your accountant does not have to invest any money in order to audit the books of a ManageMore user.  In fact, the Auditor's Edition was designed to help an accountant  manage an unlimited number of ManageMore users, regardless of the software version they may be on.  The Auditor's Edition also provides a variety of ways for creating and sending your company file depending on the method that best suits your accountant.

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